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When you begin noticing the weight on your feet due to exercising, damage from wear and tear, plantar fasciitis or walking for too long, then at that point you must start taking things seriously and analyze the various ways to

3 Signs You Need Acupressure Shoe Inserts

Shoe inserts have been around for ages. Whether, you use them for comfort, medical treatments, arch support, height enhancement or foot and joint pain relief. Sometimes, you, and your feet need a little extra help. An acupressure insole helps to

How Acupressure Inserts Combat Diabetic Foot Pain

When you are experiencing diabetic foot pain or numbness, the only thing you want is a relief. There are numerous treatments available for these kinds of symptoms. A treatment that has become more common every year is acupressure. And what’s

Top 7 Most Important Features of Insoles for Work Boots

Best Insoles for Work Boots; Inner Soles for Shoes – Do You Really Need Them? Yes, you do.  Especially if you work at a physically demanding job. The best insoles for boots California offer three things in particular – support,

Things You Should Know Before Buying Shoe Insoles

So, you want to buy the best shoe insoles. That’s good… …But there are things you should know about these inner soles for shoes before investing in a pair. What Does a Shoe Insole Do Exactly? How Does It Help?

Shoe Insoles for Support: Read This Before Buying One

You’ve bought a new pair of Nike sneakers – yes, the one displayed prominently on the billboards across America. But once you unpack the shoes and running or walking them in you can’t help feeling this strong shooting pain coming

Insoles for Work Boots – What to Expect?

Are you shopping for the best insoles for work boots? Great, you’re at the right place – We are the shoe insole specialists and this is where you will find insoles for boots California of the highest quality. Now, nobody

How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Shoe Insoles?

Okay, as you know we are the California shoe insole experts. We have been in this business for over a decade now and make all types of shoe insoles for all sorts of people – professional athletes, seniors, differently abled,

Facts About Orthopedic Shoe Inserts: What They Are Why You Might Need Them

Why You Might Need Orthopedic Shoe Inserts You have this excruciating foot pain that stops you from doing things you love… …. Playing with your kids/grandkids, taking out your bike and going on a long-distance ride through the countryside, running

A Quick Guide to Shoe Insoles

We are the California shoe insole experts and make the best insoles for work boots. We also custom-design the best shoe insoles for support and comfort based on the foot measurements sent by our clients. Here’s a quick guide to
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