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About us - Everything You Need Know About Shoe Insoles- Zetainsole

The Zeta Technology Group

The Zeta Technology Group is a global manufacturer of simple, innovative and natural solutions for pain, discomfort, stress and fatigue. Zeta Technology Group is based in the heart of Southern California and is dedicated to helping lead the research and development of safe, high performance and cost effective pain/stress management. Zeta products offer a new approach to therapy and utilize a special material called Thermide(tm)™.

Zeta products can be used for precise and consistent therapy anywhere on the body. Zetathermide™ has been validated by researchers and has been proven to deliver a highly effective sub spectrum of infrared to the body. Zeta Technology uses a wavelength emission that elicits all of the benefits of traditional therapies in a convenient, portable, easy to use design.

A new material called Thermide(tm)

Thermide(tm)  is a safe and efficient technology that takes the natural energies that surround us and channels them to our bodies through simple, easy to use productsThis patent pending technology delivers remarkable results quickly and effectively, providing a cost effective alternative to traditional medications and treatments

Our design

Specific points in the soles of your feet can be stimulated to increase circulation, energy and overall health. The Zeta Insoles were designed to hit these pressure points and aid in the relief of your sore, tired feet, energizing your entire body. Designed with hundreds of tiny bubble springs that cushion your feet from heel to toe, Zeta Insoles allow for a custom, comfortable stride. The tiny, pinpointed acupressure nodules contour to the bottom of your feet providing the kind of relief often associated with deep tissue massage. Engineered to channel natural far infrared and other energies to the body, Zeta Insoles provide fast, consistent relief. The durable design of the Zeta Insole can be used by men and women of shoe size 5-14 and can be cut down easily for a custom fit. Zeta Insoles can be placed directly in the shoe or over most orthotics


Why choose Zeta Insoles

Quality has always been at the core of us, as we want our products to last while being used every day. To ensure the highest quality, Zeta is in charge of the entire development and production process – from the first sketch to the final delivery.

Zeta prides itself on a 24 hour turn around for any questions or concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact us with for any reason, big or small.

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, for any reason, at any time, just return your Zeta Insoles for a full credit or replacement.
Zeta Insoles are patented and designed for maximum benefits in foot massage, acupressure, reflexology and far infrared.
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