How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Shoe Insoles?

Okay, as you know we are the California shoe insole experts.

We have been in this business for over a decade now and make all types of shoe insoles for all sorts of people – professional athletes, seniors, differently abled, for those recovering from an accident or physical injury and so on.

Shoe insoles can prevent foot disorders and give you the comfort you seek as you go through your daily routine. Finding a proper insole is so important for your foot health, and also to treat some of the common foot conditions that people suffer from.

These include foot disorders such as high arches, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and so on. When selecting a proper insole for comfort and support you have to look at a number of factors, length, footbed, arch type, type and quality of material.

We Offer the Following Types of Shoe Insoles for Comfort and Support

  • The best arch support insoles
  • The best insoles for flat feet
  • The best orthopedic shoe inserts
  • The best shoe inserts for diabetic neuropathy
  • The best plantar fasciitis insoles
  • The best insoles for work boots
  • The best foot massage insoles
  • The best magnetic reflexology insoles
  • The best memory foam insoles
  • And Happy feet insolesand more.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Pair of Insoles

Size – Any shoe insole you buy has to be of the right size. It should fit into your shoes and offer good support. You should feel comfortable wearing it. Shoe insoles are classified into the following categories on the basis of size.

  • Full Length Insoles
  • ¾ Length Insoles

Full-Length Insoles offer better support to arch, heel and forefoot. They are better suited to those who go running or walking on a regular basis.

¾ Length Insoles are more compact and better suited to those who prefer to wear short or slim shoes.

Material –   Insoles can be made of a variety of materials such as Gel, EVA foam and so on. Those made of EVA foam are tough and flexible and offer excellent support. Insoles made from gel are better at absorbing shock and easing pressure on the most vulnerable areas of the foot.

Footbed– Every insole comes in any one of the three categories of footbeds: Rigid, Soft and Semi-Rigid.

Rigid footbeds are meant for serious foot disorders only. They are made of hard plastic, and not too flexible, but offer excellent support.

Soft footbeds offer better cushioning and absorb shocks or pressure very well. They are ideally suited for morning walkers or runners.

Semi-Rigid footbeds come somewhere in between -they offer very good support, but are also quite flexible. They combine the best of both worlds – comfort and support.

Arch Type – Don’t ignore the arch type when selecting a shoe insole! First, you should find out if you have a low, high or neutral arch. Get your feet checked by a podiatrist.

Here at Zeta Technology Group, Inc. we get calls from dozens of interested customers every day, asking about Zeta Insoles for work boots and shoe insoles and how that could help them. Do call 805 277-9092 if you have any questions for us.

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