How to Combat Diabetic Foot Pain

If you are experiencingdiabetic foot pain, numbness or tingling, there are treatments available that will help take the edge off.

One popular treatment is the use of Zeta insoles. These insoles will fit into your shoes and provide relief from the pain of tingling through acupressure, reflexology and infrared heatwhile walking. Zeta insoles are safe, easy to use, and work quite well for most people.


There are numerous othertreatmentsyou can use that range from prescription medication to homeopathic neuropathy approaches that will help you combat the effects ofpain in your feet and legs caused by diabetes.


From brisk walking to aerobics to resistance exercises and more, putting your body in motion is one of the best ways to keep your circulation going. Exercise not only tones the muscles, it also promotes increased circulation the blood, which can lead to accelerated delivery of nutrients to the cells and therefore faster recovery.

Healthy Eating:

Lowering your blood sugar usually means getting into shape and losing excess weight. Eating a proper diet will help you to diet is how you can shed the pounds. This can help reduce the pain and may lessen the damage done by diabetes.


One of the more interesting approaches to peripheral neuropathy treatment of is reflexology. This type of massage therapy has proven to be quite effective in treating those who suffer from diabetic foot pain and tingling.

Benefits of Reflexology

There are numerousbenefits that reflexology provides that can translate into less pain, tingling, stress, and anxiety. In addition, reflexology is known to:

  • Increases energy levels
  • Improves circulation
  • Addresses depression and sleep disorders

In addition to the direct contact with the feet, foot reflexology affects the entire body. Feet reflexologybrings about greater relaxation which helps improves energy and blood flow.

The risks of reflexology: If your feet are cut, bruised, and or undergoing the more serious effects of diabetic foot pain, then reflexology may not be for you. Check with your doctor first before undergoing any treatments.

Ultimately, reflexology, a special form of acupressure, is designed to restore balance to the body, providing for a release of stress and tension. Regular sessions combined with other treatments like exercise and eating a healthy diet will improve the results.

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